The New Student Trustee for 2019-2020 is elected


Harper student David Santafe-Zambrano was sworn into the office of student trustee on April 24. Santafe-Zambrano received over 35 percent of the 296 votes.

Harper student David Santafe-Zambrano was elected as the new student trustee for the 2019-2020 school year.

The election was held  April 9 to April 11. Students were able to vote through their Harper Portal. Students also voted for their Student Government President and elected Farah Khan.

Every year students at Harper College vote for a new student trustee. Santafe-Zambrano credited his victory to experience in clubs such as Latinos Unidos, International Student Club, UNICEF, Korean Club, Spanish Club, French Club–and his positive attitude.

“Despite enjoying different clubs, I didn’t run for any officer position; I wanted to be just a member so that I was able to have a better understanding of the needs and concerns of other students,” he explained. “After this experience, I knew I was going to be the next Harper College Student Trustee. I prepared for it.”

He is majoring in International and Comparative Studies with the GPA of 4.0. He is a member of the PTK honor society and a member of the Honors Program.

As the new student trustee, he plans to listen to the initiatives and concerns presented to him by other student leaders so that he can advocate and represent them.

“I want to bring to the Board of Trustees the recommendation on supporting alternatives ways to improve the participation of students, to increase retention and graduation rates,” he explained. “Many of these initiatives will come from the Student Government, and I want to serve it by expressing what they have to say to the Board of Trustees.”

Santafe-Zambrano said he wants to bring more transparency to  the decisions being made regarding tuition increases.

“Decisions such as an increase in tuition should be consulted with every student because every single student has different circumstances and struggles on attending this college, so all voices must be heard,” he explained.

He believes this is an important step towards Harper College becoming a inclusive place. Santafe-Zambrano said he is thankful to the students of Harper College for giving him this chance.

“I feel delighted because a few years ago I didn’t know any English at all and after significant effort today I’m proud to say that I am the voice of all Harper College students,” he said.

He expressed that winning this election as a first generation college student and first-generation immigrant in the country means a lot.

“It is evident not only for me but for all students who have different backgrounds that we all can succeed in college if we think positively and we work hard to achieves big things,” he said.