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Healing from COVID-19: Five months and counting
Class of 2020 graduates in virtual ceremony
A Hospital worker shares her “never before” experience of working through COVID-19.
It’s nice to finally be recognized as “essential”
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Photo courtesy of Joshua Knox.
Movie Theaters Reopening in the Midst of COVID-19
Joshua Knox, Film Reviewer • October 12, 2020

It was dark, and the sound of thunder and rain completely surrounded me. All I could see was a lonely cup of water, then the rain was overpowered by a shattering stomp. Chills...

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The Giant Claw: A Silly Movie To Get Your Mind Off Of Things
Will Schneider, Film Reviewer • October 12, 2020

Normally I would start off these reviews by linking the movie to a recent event, but let’s face it, you could use a break from reality. In between government screw-ups,...

Protesting down Wabash  Avenue on May 30th for the Blacks Lives Matter movement in Chicago. Photo by Micaela Gaffo.
Why I marched in protest
Micaela Gaffo, Reporter • June 10, 2020

It has never been a question to me whether or not I should stand up for those around me. It just comes naturally. I have always considered myself an advocate for those who...

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A Sports Lover’s Tribute to the Greatest Black Athletes that have Contributed to their Sport and a Cause
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What the Hawk…should I do?
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