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Set the Screen! It’s time for some Shakespeare on the web
Harper PTK/Honors see increased participation during remote semester
Student mental health declines during pandemic and remote learning
After 7 years of major hype, Xbox fans struggle to get highly-anticipated next generation
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Movie poster for Music, a musical drama film by Sia. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
'Music' film does more harm than good to the autistic community
Adriana Briscoe, Staff Writer • February 1, 2021

If I had to pick just one of the many things I took away from 2020’s surge of global activism, it would be this: if members of a marginalized group tell you that you are...

"The Grinch
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
Joshua Knox , Staff Writer • December 20, 2020

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch, I’m sure most of you have heard it on the radio a dozen times by now. The Grinch is a classic Christmas song, as well as a true staple of the...

The results of the 2016 Electoral College vote. Seven electors did not vote for the winner of their state. Image courtesy of Creative Commons.
It's time to abolish the Electoral College
Konrad Strzalka, Staff Writer • December 9, 2020

On the night of November 3rd, Americans were glued to their TVs, waiting to see who would become the next president-- of Pennsylvania and Arizona.  At least that’s what...

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A Sports Lover’s Tribute to the Greatest Black Athletes that have Contributed to their Sport and a Cause
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Many recognize Lane Crim
Transgender student activist Lane Crim uses his story to silence stigma on campus
Grace Garlick, Special Contributor

Many have witnessed 19-year-old Lane Crim striding through the Harper quad amidst the noon rush in loud rainbow Converse. But few may know the story behind the colors. During...

Student struggles with possibility of losing citizenship in birth country
Student struggles with possibility of losing citizenship in birth country
Eric Mersereau, Special Contributor

Torn between a country that she grew up in and the country that she now calls home, Dominyka Salaviejute, a Lithuanian immigrant, is unsure of what her future holds. A...

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What the Hawk…should I do?
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