Zumba with the President

Video captured by Maham Khan

Close to 100 people participated in Harper’s first ever “Zumba with the President” event held on Thursday Sept. 5th.

Harper’s new president—Dr. Avis Proctor–who stood front and center of the group, was joined by a mix of students, faculty and staff in the Wellness and Recreation Center’s gymnasium in Building M. 

The free event was open to the entire Harper Community and offered two separate sessions during the day (noon and 4:00). 

The hour long fitness session got participants moving through the popular cardio workout known as Zumba which incorporates dance moves from Salsa, jazz, Bhangra and many other styles. 

 “Zumba is fun because it’s dancing, you’re having fun, and you’re learning moves” explained Dr. Proctor, who participated in both sessions of the day. “At the same time, you’re getting your heartbeat up and taking care of your wellness.” 

Harper student Melanie Rodrigo and Jari Fernindo would agree with Dr. Proctor and felt the event was a success. 

“I thought it was really fun,” Rodrigo said. “The songs were really great, and I feel more energized. I totally would come back if there was another Zumba event.”

Luckily for Rodrigo, more Zumba might just be around the corner according to Harper Wellness Manager Beth Ripperger. They are working to put together a regular schedule of various group fitness classes to be offered later this semester. This special event was inspired as part of Harper Wellness,–the college’s initiative to promote well-being on campus. 

“We have eight dimensions of wellness that we are going to be promoting,” Dr. Proctor said.  “This is one of them, in terms of physical. Wellness is important, and I thought that it would be a great idea to model that for the college community.” 

“It’s not just physical, but we try to focus on environmental, occupation, emotional, [well-being] and so forth,” added Harper Wellness manager Beth Ripperger. “A lot of times, people think wellness is just exercising and nutrition, but it covers so many other items.”