Harper Theater Ensemble presents Green Day’s American Idiot


Cast members rehearse for the opening of American Idiot, at Harper starting November 15. Photo by Julia Park.

Harper College will be debuting their latest production, Green Day’s American Idiot, on November 15 at 8PM. Directed by Professor Laura Pulio Colbert, the musical is about three men struggling to find meaning in their lives in a post 9/11 world. American Idiot relies heavily on the lyrics from Green Day’s album to tell the story. The show’s running time is 1.5 hours with no intermissions. 

This musical, along with other Harper theater programs, was open to both students and general Harper Community.  The production team which has been preparing for six weeks, includes 27 actors and 10 crew members. 

Noreen Patel, one of the featured soloists of this show, expressed that the cast worked perfectly as a team and they all want to give their best performance. She also described the passion behind the show and why the show is worth seeing.

“People should always be exposed to the arts,” Patel said. “This show is culturally, socially, and politically relevant. It’s very much of an anti establishment. It portrays that we’re going to do whatever we want and it’s because they won’t speak for us.”

The opening night will be Friday, November 15 at the Performing Arts Center in Building R. There will be more dates available through November 24th. Tickets are $15-20 and can be purchased in the box office or online.

Video captured by Julia P.