Campus Weekly Update 9.16.19

Harper College’s Student Government Association (SGA) meets each week to discuss important issues relevant to student life. Below is a summary of their meeting minutes from September 9th, 2019, originally recorded by Dylan Hildebrand, SGA Chief of Staff.


  • SGA officer elections are postponed until next week.


  • New SGA senator Beck Masi suggested World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that donates meals to communities in the Caribbean affected by natural disasters, to receive funds raised by any Hurricane Dorian relief events.


  • Beck Masi also suggested partnering with a local band to co-run an event at a restaurant benefitting Hurricane Dorian relief and WCK.


  • SGA is partnering with Sustainability Manager Amy Bandman to look into the addition of solar panels and wind turbines to Harper’s campus. Farah Khan and Dylan Hildebrand will be consulting Harper faculty and administrators over the next couple months while they put together a proposal for the end of November.


  • Nathan Blume, representing ADS Success Club, suggested that Harper introduce more quiet/rest areas and better building maps on campus. New SGA Senator Stephanie Arredia added that A-frame signs should be reduced as they often obstruct students with disabilities. Concerns were also raised about inadequate lighting accommodations in classrooms and restrooms.


  • It’s LatinX Heritage month! The cafeteria will be serving Latin American food and Latinos Unidos will be hosting an open dialogue on September 25th from 1-3pm with free food.
    • Looking for more events in celebration of LatinX Heritage Month? Check out Harbinger’s campus calendar to learn more!

Thanks again to Dylan Hildebrand and the Student Government Association for sharing this week’s meeting minutes with The Harbinger Student Newspaper.