Paleontology and Geology Club currently recruiting members


Derek den Ouden, Joseph Maltese and Andreas Stavrinou pose for a picture after watching a conference by paleontologist Dr. Paul Serrano at the Fermilab in Chicago, Illinois on January 11, 2020. (Photo taken by professor Kevin Cole, courtesy of Joseph Maltese.)

The Paleontology and Geology Club of Harper College is a great club for all those interested in geology and the history of life on Earth. It is a safe and insightful place where students are free to discuss the latest fossil discoveries and geologic events happening around the world. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic though, the club has not met and is currently in a state of stasis. Many students would benefit greatly if the Paleontology Club restarted and would greatly increase their knowledge of geology and the history of the natural world! 

I am encouraging all who are reading this to help the geology department restart the club and to sign up and become a member. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest!