Living a life of pride: “The Baddest” is simply getting better


Bretman Rock.

Bretman Rock is the influencer mogul with the Midas touch. Originally building his brand on YouTube, he has now broken into the mainstream as he is going to be the first openly gay male to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Bretman “the baddest” Rock, born in the Philippines and based out of Hawaii, made a name for himself with makeup tutorials. He has since starred in his own reality show on MTV.

 He then later went on to launch his own makeup palette and has been featured in Time magazine in “30 Most Influential Teens.” Bretman has won MTV movies awards and a People’s Choice Awards for his social media presence. 

Bretman Rock is worth $2 million and he is only going up from there. He has recently signed on with Crocs to brand his catchphrase “the baddest” on their popular clogs. You can see what all the fuss is about by following Bretman on Instagram as he posts daily workout routines, meal preps and words of wisdom.