Harper alum Dominic Gallo wins every round in MMA debut


Former Harper student and wrestler Dominic Gallo ready to make a strong first impression in his MMA debut. (Photo by Fight Card Entertainment)

Former Harper wrestler Dominic Gallo is now an undefeated 1-0 amateur MMA fighter after defeating Evan Dawn on January 29th at Seven NightClub in Chicago. During Fight Card Entertainment’s 76th promotional event, Gallo’s performance made it an easy night for the judges as he dominated all three, three-minute rounds. 

Gallo walked out to The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson, a heavy rock song that helped fuel the intense and fiery image that he maintained throughout the night.

Round one began and, just two steps later, Gallo landed three right hands in a flurry before entering the clinch position and landing three more rights. Gallo then had Dawn against the fence as he worked towards a takedown.

After securing the first takedown, Gallo landed plenty of shots on the ground before Dawn bounced back up against the fence. This time Gallo picked up and slammed his opponent which created the biggest pop of the night. 

After a minute of control time and some ground-and-pound, Dawn fought his way back to his feet. For a few seconds he found success, backing away while peppering in the occasional jab – until Gallo ducked a shot and landed a more devastating strike of his own. 

The round ended and Gallo eyed his opponent down with that same intense look he walked out with. Dawn didn’t challenge the fired up wrestler and made his way back to his stool.

Round two started with a flurry of exchanges between the fighters but halted when Gallo landed a clean left hook, backing Dawn against the fence. Dawn defended the first takedown attempt and got the fight back to the middle of the cage on his feet.

The fighters threw a couple of even exchanges before Gallo timed a perfect double leg takedown as the crowd went insane. He then had control time and landed shots from above for the rest of the round. 

When the round ended Gallo got up with the same intense energy, eyeing his opponent down like a piece of meat he just cooked evenly for six minutes.

Round three started and Dawn looked to defense, circling away and dodging a couple power punches before being grabbed. From the clinch Gallo landed big knees before pulling Dawn to the mat early in the round. 

For the rest of the third, Gallo used his wrestling background to keep his opponent down and welted him with constant pressure. 

In a final sprawl by Dawn with 20 seconds left, Gallo found himself in a very dominant position and landed some of the biggest shots of the fight. 

The crowd roared one last time and everyone stood up as the final bell rang. Gallo, with class, offered a hand to his opponent.

Gallo stood up with his arms in the air, banging his chest victorious. 

He dominated the fight for all but about 10 seconds and became an undefeated fighter. During his post-match interview, Gallo took the time to talk about the work he put in to get here.

“I train with professionals, all the time,” Gallo said from the center of the cage. But most importantly, when asked what’s next for him, Gallo declared: “ANOTHER FIGHT!” 

Gallo with his hand raised in victory after a dominant MMA debut performance. (Photo by Fight Card Entertainment)