Autumn’s Requiem


The sun sets over a landscape. (photo courtesy of Lars Nissen (Pixabay))

Enough of the sultry, damning heat the sun confers.

Every passing day you wish would end,

Longing for the season which is preferred.

You beg, “stop the Summer, let Fall return again!


At once, the Summertime will chill and shiver.

Soon, on the breeze, the Earth will address,

Autumn doth come hither!

Come outside; you will feel its caress!


In the Earth’s remark you can trust.

Fields of green will soften into sand.

The visage will muddle into a sea of rust,

Swimming downward to meet the land.


The Fall greets you as a friend, like it did in the past.

And you accept its greeting like you did the last.