How the Hawk do I submit to Point of View?

How the Hawk do submit my work to Point of View, Harper’s literary magazine?


I’m a writer and I heard that Harper has a literary mag that features student writing and art but I don’t know how to submit my work! Is there a deadline? Who decides who gets published? Can you find these answers for me?


Starving Artist


Who chirped in:

Dr. Jessica Walsh, Professor of English and faculty adviser for Point of View

Karen Patterson, Associate Professor of Art History and faculty adviser for Point of View


Dear “Starving Artist,”


Thanks for reaching out with your questions! We’ve gathered all the information you need to help you submit a piece to Harper’s literary magazine called Point of View. 

Point of View accepts both literary and visual art submissions. The deadline for literary submissions is March 16th, 2020 and the deadline for visual art is April 19th, 2020.

You don’t have to be an art major to submit your work, but the work needs to have been created while you’ve been a Harper student. No submitting your high school art projects or AP English essays!

Dr. Walsh said that the publication welcomes a variety of literary pieces including fiction, poetry, and brief theatrical scenes. Work must be submitted in a physical form and typed. Writers must attach a filled out cover sheet to their submission, which can be found on the door outside Room L248. Submissions can be dropped off in an envelope outside L248.

“My advice would be to proofread repeatedly and obsessively,” Dr. Walsh said. “Make sure everything on the page is what you want to be there, and that nothing is left out.”

Professor Patterson said that POV welcomes both 2D and 3D art. Both need to be submitted in physical form, if a piece is accepted it will be photographed for publication.

Artists must fill out a submission form, which can be found in the Liberal Arts North office in L201. This form should be dropped off with your piece. 2D work can be dropped off at Sandy Barney’s office in C218; 3D work can be dropped off in L126 with Jason Peot or Nikki Anderson.

Also let students know that if their work is selected, we have to hold on to it until very close to the end of the semester so that it can be professionally photographed or scanned,”  Patterson explained.

Professor Patterson told us that all the pieces are judged by students and any names or identifying information is removed to make the selection fair and anonymous.

If students have any more questions about Point of View they can contact Dr. Walsh at [email protected] and Professor Patterson at [email protected].

We hope this helps and hope one day you’ll change your name to “starring artist.”


The Harbinger Team